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    As a powerful alternative to online offerings, there are special slot machines that are played at instant, with no download right through your browser. Once you load the page with a game, it does not matter whether you disconnect to the Internet – you machine is going to keep rolling despite all troublesome line issues. This kind of slots games is mostly known as offline slots, which become quite popular around online gamblers since not everyone has a stable connection. Even if you do not feel like mingling with virtual credits and want to spice your life up by staking for real, offline slot machines also suit perfectly for that. How, you might ask? Well, offline browser technology has something like a counter that is able to track records, and then, after you get back to online, everything is synchronized and transferred carefully to online servers.



    If you are not in a believer team, to get a taste of what it is like to play offline, visit https://theinternetslots.com. Simply pick a random title, wait for a page to fully load and, for the sake of experiment, turn your connection off to witness that games work just fine. It might sound really strange to play without the Net, but that’s the realities of our modern century. They offer an affordable experience, especially valuable when you are a complete newbie to this slot business. You can practice, have fun or test something for the future. However, there’s much to talk about offline slots, starting with credible software houses developing offline options, and ending with disadvantages to this type of slotting. So, let’s not miss a thing, and cover these intricacies in great detail.


    Who Develops Offline?


    To begin with, bear in mind that every gaming studio has its own specialization, and if some developer hits the audience hard, it does not mean they can tame both online and offline. Gigantic manufacturers like NetEnt or Playtech are undeniably industry changers, having excellent catalogues and creating the best of titles for casinos. However, neither of them has specifics of working with offline software. To map out the right path, you need to meet with an offline part of the deal – these usually are powerhouses, operating at land-based places. Among the brightest there are Bally, Aristocrat and IGT.


    International Gaming Technology


    Having spent around two decades in developing offline software, IGT is sometimes considered to be the absolute leader when it comes to offline and land-based. Their sphere of interest scatters across multiple sections, from fruit classics to sophisticated multi-lines machines, so they keep their products versatile and flexible. Lots of downloadable software for online casinos comes from IGT which adequately know how to provide top-notch experience to offline screens.




    Based in Australia, Aristocrat launched their first gambling product in 1953 that makes them one of the oldest formations ever since. They supply slot solutions to more than 60 countries and provide offline software to approximately 200 venues. Aristocrat think much about free play, so their slot machines are pleasant to play through for fun.


    Bally Gaming


    With 30 years of developing experience, Bally might be not the oldest, but at least one of the most knowledgeable manufacturers. They often adapt popular online titles to offline and vice versa, so you have a unique chance to taste a brick-and-mortar atmosphere at home. Besides, Bally Gaming provide a good range of interesting progressive titles. Just like Aristocrat, they keep their products free and fun, so you can delve into high-class without money in the pocket, too.



    We all know that there is a huge pit between online and offline slot machines, and even though some of them share the same identity, people tend to think that the difference is really enormous. Disbeliefs, perception mistakes and awful reviews create fertile ground for popular myths. However, free offline slots are not that disgusting as you might imagine.


    Payout Percentage


    One says: offline slots either have tremendously low return percentages to lure gamblers playing online or amazingly high ones to deceive.


    Reality check: RTPs remain totally the same as at online casinos.


    A return of 95% means that for each one hundred wagered, you can expect to return 95 back. As you can feel, payout percentages are number one priority when it comes to slotting, so players keep their eyes on returns all the time. Unfortunately, due to offline nature, remote slot machines are frequently accused of being biased because ‘it is difficult to control downloadable software’. Offline slots are built just like their online brothers, and this myth is another lie to get everyone hooked to browsers because they are easier to maintain.


    Free Machines Have Different Features


    One says: offline slots are deliberately devoid of bonus features so that they look boring.


    Reality check: offline slots have all the same features.


    If you believe in this myth, then you probably have never played any offline slot. Let’s draw the line again – offline slot machines are created under the same scheme shared with online products, with a little exception in terms of connection technology. If a machine is adopted for download, it remains just the same. If it is an original product, it depends of the genre. Fruit slots are not meant to have a plenty of features.


    Downloadable Vs. Browser


    Offline machines can come in two variations: browser or download-based. Browser slots require the connection to load the key structure, and after than you can go all along. Download-based offline needs an application. As soon as you get it onto your device, you get an access to the whole offline library. The latter is especially popular within online casinos while the former comes from independent resources which distribute free software for fun. Whichever you choose, you will be able to go without money and play your favorites because there are no substantial differences.


    Online Slots Are Better


    To wrap up our Ted Talk about offline slots, we must take down the last important aspect, revolving around machines in general. Specifically, online slots versus offline ones. And we are not going to throw intrigues: they are just the same from their structure perspective. Of course, there are differences, but they are applied to technical details. So if you want to deny the fun because everyone says offline is worse, please do not. Offline machine are still amazing, entertaining, immersive and beautiful. Period.

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